photos from the road : 111314 -121314

I departed from Olympia WA, where I home base with my partner Harrison, on November 13th 2014 just three days after my 20th birthday. I had a basic layout of going from Washington to Denver and from there planned to drive through the southwest, over to California and up back to Olympia. Spending half of the trip in Denver tattooing and the other half visiting friends and spending some quality time with myself on the road. Although I travel a lot I have never traveled to this capacity on my own via car – figured it was a good way to start my 21st solar rotation. These photos were taken starting in Colorado and ending in Nevada City. IMG_0047FullSizeRender-2

a week into leaving Olympia Harrison met me in Colorado – such a sweet surprise as I originally thought I wouldn’t see him for a month – the two above photos were taken in Indian Hills Colorado where one of my dearest friends resides

after spending just over two weeks in Denver tattooing on a daily basis I departed – my first stop being Taos New Mexico – I’m still in awe of the colors of this state – truly the land of enchantmentDSC_5803DSC_5806DSC_5809 IMG_0116DSC_5823I had the opportunity to connect with the sweetest Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs ( ) who took me to the most phenomenal hot springs that I think I may ever experienceDSC_5828

tucked away in the gorge like the tiniest secretDSC_5830DSC_5816

I was amazed by the clarity and temperature of these waters – held by desert plants and the rushing river – fine sand and kind algae edged each pool – I spent that night in Sante Fe

the following day I continued west to Arizona – my destination being Scottsdale – I wasn’t prepared for how amazingly beautiful the drive from New Mexico to Arizona is – I found myself wanting to constantly stop to take photos and explore


when I hit the dense fog in Tonto National Forest I was especially amazed – never would have thought to find such haunting and beautiful forest in the middle of Arizona
DSC_5848 IMG_0260

after 8 or so hours of driving through mind blowing scenery I landed at Oliver & Danielle’s house – walking out of the desert night and into their psychedelic vortex of a home is a total time warp
FullSizeRenderI spent two nights in Scottsdale primarily co-creating and conversatingIMG_0272and being completely obsessed with this half indoor // outdoor roomDSC_5856 I continued to the western edge of Arizona to see my grandparents whom I have not spent time with in nearly 6 years – still totally blown away by how much diversity the desert holds DSC_5866they reside in Lake Havasu City which sits right on the edge of Arizona and California – the air – the warmth – the dryness – the smell – the colors  at this point I found myself falling in love with desert lands all over again


full moon in Gemini had just hit and damn, does the moon look good in the desert – I spent two very sweet nourishing nights there and continued on my way

earlier this year – in May to be exact – I experienced the magick of Joshua Tree with approximately 250 other women at Spirit Weavers Gathering – which to say the least was a profound introduction to this land
FullSizeRender_1it felt almost uncanny to return – like some strange fragment of a dream or a piece of home beyond earthDSC_5906

but that being said it also felt beyond the explanation of words good – to be held by that sun is one of the most loving feelings especially when you home base in WashingtonIMG_0390

I was very happy to pass through even if it was only momentarily


it was one of those gaps in time that is so short but feels as though it could have been a week – my last few hours were spent tattooing a sweet friend and watching the most prismatic sunset I’ve ever set eyes on – I have never seen so many saturated colors in the sky at once

my next stop was L.A. which felt like a pinnacle of this trip – I didn’t really take photos there – I didn’t need to – I spent four nights dropping into a yes vortex – experiencing complete acceleration and synchronicity – my love for this city is more than I often know what to think ofIMG_0481my final stop was in Nevada City – my first time being there – totally shocked at how forested and misty it is there – reminiscent of Washington yet still very obviously in California – I really only stopped through for the night so I could get back to Olympia but it was also the perfect closure to the month.


There are certain experiences that words just can’t quite meet – this trip is one of them – what I can put into words is how important it is to follow your heart. That is a theme that is consistently present in my life and it is the only reason I’m at where I am at only 20. I believe that there are few things more important than loving yourself and following your heart and dreams. Everything you need to know already resides within you – listen to yourself – you are capable of doing anything you can dream up. Be authentic // love yourself // listen to your heart and everything else will follow. With that being said I want to express my gratitude for all of you that I’ve crossed paths with in this lifetime that have continuously taught, supported, and loved me beyond my wildest dreams.



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