shared thoughts

DSC_6835This morning a dear friend and I shared a beautiful and expansive conversation about ourselves – about the world we live in – about the discussions that should be happening but aren’t – it occurred to me how many of these conversations I have on an individual level but rarely share on a wider scale and rarely see happening in the broadness of our communities and planet – one could argue that we are facing times as a human species and as a planet unlike any other – we are facing questions and conflicts that perhaps have always been there but only now are coming to our attention – information spreads like wild fires across the mycelial like networks of digital technology and advances on a daily basis almost without thought of where we are headed – we are experiencing countless layers of war // peace and revolution all at once and seems to be that many of us believe we are still waiting for some apocalyptic event – even though it is right in front of our faces – we have more choices and freedom than we have ever had – we are more imprisoned than we have ever been – we are fighting the duality between us and them even though it is only really us – them never existed – them is removing us from the issue that we see in ourselves as a society as a people as a planet and how we interact with each other and our home – these thoughts and words are only shared from a place of heart a place of authentic care for what is occurring – a deep love for the people on this planet – I believe in us in every single one of us with every fiber of my being – I believe that change starts within as Ghandi once said “be the change you want to see in the world” – change happens through our every day decisions // our habits // our lifestyle // what we buy // how we choose to consume product and information – the way we interact with the world and our peers on a daily basis – what you put out you will receive as we are simply mirrors of each other and our consciousness – you are not alone in this existence – we are all here experiencing and the more we share these experiences and teach and support each other the more forward motion happens – the closer we become to healing society and our relationships with everything on this planet including the planet itself –  I do not claim any of them to be the only answer or the only way – because there is no one way and thats why we must engage in conversation – to see the other ways – to understand the different walks of life – the respect them – to honor them – to honor ourselves and one another by doing our best to see eye to eye – for our existence is only temporary so we might as well do our best to leave positive ripples in our departure